Board Shorts Australia
Board Shorts Australia

The first known surfers were Polynesian fishermen approximately 3,000 years ago. They began surfing because it was an efficient way to return to the shore with the fish they caught. Surfing became a sport between the 15th & 18th centuries especially in Hawaii where the royals were especially supportive of it.

Board Shorts by Terry Rich Australia

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What are Boardshorts?

And as the development of surfing as a sport and pastime gathered momentum so too did the need for speciality surfing equipment and apparel.

Enter surfing wax, chaffed legs and Boardshorts!

Boardshorts evolved from old fashion swimming trunks in the 1960s and 70s. Originally boardshorts were only for surfers. Surfers needed something to wear while surfing that would be long enough to cover the inside of their thighs. Why? Because surfers put wax on their surfboards to make them sticky and easier to stand and paddle on. But while they are waiting for the next wave, surfers sit and straddle their boards. Now if you have wax on the board this can very quickly become painful for your inner thighs as they rub over the wax on the board. And if you're a man with plenty of hair on your legs then it can really hurt! So the extra leg length was not a fashion statement. It was and still is a surfing necessity. The other key feature added was a strong and secure waist tie to keep shorts from being ripped off in rough surf. Another necessity!

So boardshorts evolved to serve surfers better. Today million of surfers and non surfers wear boardshorts while surfing, swimming, strolling and lounging!

Boardshorts traditionally have no lining, unlike traditional swim shorts. Boardshorts are also sometimes called "boardies" in slang, especially in Australia. In South Africa they are know as "baggies".

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Board Shorts

Terry Rich Board Shorts for Men

These gorgeous board shorts by Terry Rich are the perfect companion on a Summers day. They are designed to be very comfortable and have quality tailoring and finishing. Leg length is mid to long with a regular shape. Made from lightweight, quick dry fabric. Made in Australia.

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Boys Board Shorts

Terry Rich Board Shorts for Boys

Made from a beautiful printed lightweight and quick dry fabric, these cute boys swim trunks are both stylish and super comfy. With a sturdy, elasticised waistband, drawstring, eyelets & mesh lined pockets. The perfect companion on a Summers day. Made in Australia.

Navy Board Shorts for Kids White Boardies for Kids Green Board Shorts for Kids
Terry Rich Mens and Boys Board Shorts
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